I figure a first post should be about who I am and why I made this blog.

Well first of all, My names Lee! I’m very conservative and my life’s goal is to serve God. I’m a sophomore in a small private school. I live in the middle of nowhere. Music? I like almost any type of music, same with movies and books. I’ve always loved a good mystery or crime though! I’m very different depending on what mood I’m in. I get very hyper and crazy a lot of the time, yet then I turn around and am super serious and rational. Like anyone and everyone people have tried to fit me in a box and frankly, I’m just too weird a shape! 😉

That’s part of why I decided to start blogging…

I don’t just open up to anyone, but when I do, people often judge me for the side I do show and can’t see me any other way after. When I have opened up, I never let too much out anyway. I’ve wanted a way to express myself for a long time without necessarily people I know seeing it. I want to share how I feel or think about certain things without hurting my family or friends feelings. I want an outlet, a way to breath. I’m never comfortable complaining or talking about my feelings to other people, it always seems like they’re bored, don’t care, or are just too taken up with they’re own problems. I’m not saying that they’re problems aren’t important. I’m saying that they are. I’m saying they’re more important than mine so I don’t trouble them with mine. My friends always tell me that I’m supper cheerful in person, but my writing is always supper depressing, it shows how they never see the hurt part of me.

I’ll use this blog for a bunch of different things. I’ll post fun things, DIY’s, and happy crazy stuff! But I’ll also post stuff that is serious, thoughtful, and sometimes kinda depressing. I’m not trying to scare you off, I’m just being honest. I’ll probably be more open here than I am to any person except God. I want there to be one place where I can be me, and don’t have to worry about hurting my friends feeling or wasting their time.

~ Lee

P.S. For more about me stuff see the “Who, me?” page/section thingy. ^_^


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