Snow Dayzz ^_^

snow 3-3-14

So…have I ever mentioned that I like long walks in the snow…barefoot? haha jk, but I do like seeing how long I can stand it and at first, being barefoot in the snow is nice…strangely.

snow feet

Anyhow, I had the day off from school due to snow and just got a text saying that I have tomorrow off to! I guess this gives me some time to catch up on some much needed cleaning. I also got to practice guitar earlier for the first time and I’m really excited about learning how to play!

I’ve been kinda shy about telling people about this but I feel like I need to scream it somewhere: I GOT INTO GOVERNORS SCHOOL!!! AHHH!!! XD
For Those of you who don’t know: Governors school is a 4-week educational program you can go to during the summer. Each state has one and there are many different categories, it’s also really hard to get in. I tried out for voice and not only did I get in but I got the highest scholarship offered! (It cost $3,000)

I hope y’all don’t take that as bragging. It’s just that I usually only tell one or two people about stuff like that and as I said, I wanted to scream it somewhere cause I’m soo excited! ^_^
(Not even my closest friends know/knew and when they found out got mad at me for not telling them!)

So yeah, I guess I better get to cleaning! ^_^


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